Cairns, Far North Queensland

April 10, 2017

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the beauty of the places right in front of us. Travelling to many places across Australia, particularly in the last few years has helped me to appreciate the beauty in our backyards. I flew to Cairns for the second time in my life so far (hopefully many more trips there to come) and it was just as incredible as the first time I lay eyes on this amazing part of the world.

One of my picks in Cairns would be Crystal Cascades. Cairns is full of beautiful natural waterfall areas and I don't think a trip there without visiting some of it's best would be complete. The esplanade is also of course a great spot to check out. Always full of life you can find anything along there from outdoor pools to some of the best Italian restaurants in the country (La Pizza is amazing!) and even a pretty awesome skate park.

Despite this trip being another very quick one, I feel like I got to experience some of the best parts of this beautiful place.


After a very early morning arrival the first day and some practice on the Cairns BMX Track we spent the next two days racing. I finished the Australian National Series after the final round in Cairns in 5th place in Elite Women.


After two full on days of racing in the humidity we decided to drive to Crystal Cascades for a much needed swim. It is such a beautiful place. Everything is so green and the water is always so cool and refreshing.


Cairns is such an incredible place, I will definitely be back for hopefully a lot more exploring next time.


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